About Us

Who are we?

Just your girl next door who has a love for buying and putting together amazing gifts for friends & family! So I decided to begin GiftBoxology - to showcase my hobby and love for the little details I have when curating the perfect Gift. I loved the idea of involving you to personalise your box and then GB put it altogether, sparkle some pretty and voila send to their doorstep... truly magical - just like that, we have helped you make someone’s day that little bit more happier! 🤍


Gift boxes created by You for your Loved Ones

Box the wide range of choices we have.

Gift it to the people that you want to show your love. 

Watch them Love the gift that keeps on giving.


Create Your Own GiftBox

Our Create Your Own Gift Box range showcases the most exquisite unique products you can ever find - with a wide range and variety of gifts to choose from, you can make the most perfect Gift Box for your loved ones. 

You can choose our deluxe all black rigid cardboard gift box at standard price or you can do an affordable upgrade to the ultimate luxury gift box experience - all to suit every needs and requirements. 

Readymade Gift Boxes

Readymade Gift Boxes is literally what it says on the label - don't have time? Want to choose something super quick and luxury? All our ready to go Gift Boxes are handpicked with love & put together with care with our best selling and high quality products. You can guarantee the perfect gift - almost as if you chose every aspect yourself!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We can guarantee you 100% that you will receive Luxury experience without the hefty price tag. From an easy to use website to the top quality gift box packaging - we think about every minute detail to make this the perfect gift box for your special loved ones.